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Speak to someone who has lived with Epilepsy - someone who can relate to your struggles and empathise with your journey through ECA Peer Support counselling.

awareness & information

Thanks for coming to ECA - as noted in our #ECACoreMandates on prior pages - allowing the public FREE access to a CENTRALISED database of Epilepsy Organisations from all over the world with dedicated filters / search features / enquiry methods gives people the power to find information EASILY & QUICKLY.

(we suggest those from the public seeking support check out our "Public Services" page...)

It means people from anywhere in the world can access online support - even on complex topics as we are EPILEPSY SPECIFIC - but we can ALSO promote Awareness, Medical Research & Social issues from around the world relating to Epilepsy via the ECA foundation and our many ECA Connections. Our work expands from Australia to Africa, India, Middle-East, USA, Sth. America, UK, Europe, Indonesia and most other places in the world. We ACTIVELY seek out Charities from every part of the planet to make ECA a larger and more accessible Epilepsy network to the ENTIRE world.

Our "Epilepsy Info" page is a larger conduit for people to seek information, make enquiries, look up work done (current, upcoming or prior) by either ECA or our global ECA Charity Connections, find links / data to ECA projects &/or campaigns... all of ECA's "Awareness work" will be listed here. This includes:

  • All of ECA's public work both from individual & collaborative events. Plus all of our links to all of our numerous social media platforms. If ECA has posted something about "Epilepsy Information" you will be able to find it here. We also provide a "Frequently Asked Questions" feature plus an enquiry option.

  • All of the work by "Paul Lang: ECA CEO & Founder" is also listed via this page. His work as the CEO of ECA... all of his international medical conference work (& related videos / links)... plus his own online Awareness work dating right back to the beginning of ECA - is all available. As CEO & Founder Paul has always wanted to remain fully transparent but ALSO his own experiences are a part of ECA's story.

  • All of ECA's public services are free and open to the ENTIRE world. Anyone can use them, anyone can contact us, and anyone can post/share/link our information to others without fear of reprisal. You do not need to "sign up" to access ECA... we do NOT need your email or details... you can simply use us for free.



ECA's information page is the best place to find our Global Epilepsy work... & the work of Paul Lang ECA CEO & Founder directly... plus our countless collaborative efforts with other worldwide charities. It is the "central database" for our information.

It is also the place you can:

  • Find / reference any & all ECA projects / publications

  • Look up, link, download or save ANY posted data for FREE with no legal obligations

  • Join into the online discussion forums on topics you take interest in (WITHOUT signing up)

We DO advise however that anyone in the world seeking DIRECT OR SPECIFIC help with Epilepsy view our "Public services page" (or contact us direct - and that CHARITIES seeking assistance review our "Charity Services page" for the most direct support options ECA can provide.

Sometimes Epilepsy feels like a mountain...

but we are not just standing alone.

One of ECA's key mandates is "Supporting the Supporters" - this refers to our policy of providing services to the partners, family and loved ones of those with Epilepsy. Without our support networks those of us with the condition could not get by.

ECA focuses on providing support to the loved ones of those with Epilepsy. It is a battle for you too - and you deserve support.

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