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Medical information on Epilepsy is often hard to find - especially when we look for something specific. ECA will help you look for the information YOU want - be it on treatments, services or otherwise... we want to help people through the maze to find the answers THEY are looking for.

contact eca for any reason

Thanks for coming to ECA - you can contact our group & CEO/Founder Paul Lang at "" OR use the handy services below. This includes our comment / sharing platform which we GREATLY appreciate anyone taking the time to fill out. YOU CAN CONTACT ECA FOR ANY NUMBER OF REASONS:

  • AS A MEMBER OF THE PUBLIC you may wish to enquire about Epilepsy via ECA's Information services OR via the services of connections from our free global network.

  • AS A MEMBER OF THE PUBLIC you may ALSO wish to seek out SUPPORT via either ECA's direct services... OR more specific services (related to your region, issues & access) via ECA Connections & our free worldwide database of Epilepsy Organisations. It does not matter where you are from in the world, you do NOT need to "register" / "become a member" etc, you can have Epilepsy or be enquiring on behalf of a loved one? FREE GLOBAL ACCESS WITH NO RESTRICTIONS - That is ECA.

  • AS A CHARITY OR EPILEPSY ORGANISATION you may wish to contact ECA to lodge your foundation either on our vast network - OR become an "ECA Connection" & access our FREE services to help expand your organisation worldwide... (ALL at 100% no cost/no obligation PLUS you maintain FULL individuality).

ANYONE IN THE WORLD can contact ECA - individual, charity or organisation - and they can do it it FOR FREE no matter where they're located on the planet. ECA has no restrictions be it global nor financial. "We are Epilepsy Connections Affiliated (ECA): the largest worldwide network of Epilepsy organisations on the planet that offers FREE access for public support - and FREE services to charities." - if you would like to contact us ECA welcomes any enquiry & are SURE you can reach us.

Hi there - thanks for contacting Epilepsy Communications Australia. One of our friendly team will be back to you ASAP or you can contact us via our Facebook community direct - we'll speak to you soon.

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