Epilepsy Connections Australia is a fully non-profit foundation offering free online support and promotional services to the general public, charities and organisations supporting Epilepsy. We provide Peer Support counselling, links to related support services / groups, details on sources for medical information, Connections to other Epilepsy related Organisations and promotional services for Charities, Support groups and Awareness campaigns. We monitor and review all of our links and Connected services, but do not take liability for incorrect or offensive data posted by individuals on other sites. We do not take any form of donation but can advise of good causes relating to Epilepsy worldwide that people CAN donate to. If people feel either ECA or any of our connections are posting incorrect data or service claims please contact our Admin team immediately.

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"I found it hard in my early years with Epilepsy... I felt like I was alone and no-one else could understand what I was going through. But then I decided to just ask people in the world around me, and I found this was not the case. It's a world full of people who have travelled the same journey, and do nothing but empathise and offer support simply because I am on the same path." - Paul Lang: CEO & Founder

About Epilepsy Connections Australia (ECA)


- ECA is a 100% non-profit charity that offers support, information and linkage services worldwide... plus does not accept any donations (but can help you find worthy causes to donate to).

- ECA operates worldwide with Connections on every continent across all field of Epilepsy: including support, research, medical, charity & government organisations.

- ECA offers 3 specific services: for Epilepsy Patients, for those living with a loved one with Epilepsy, and for organisations that support Epilepsy - ALL 100% FREE

- ECA creates a centralised database of Epilepsy support and information groups so that a person (patient, loved one of, or Organisation that supports...) can come to ECA - and find the help they need all in the one place.

- ECA assists in international collaborations between organisations and to date has linked groups from every continent to create international partnerships.

Thank you for coming to ECA and taking the time to read our (quite extensive lol...) policy, departmental and core mandate details. Whether you be a person with Epilepsy, a Supporter of some with the condition, or work / act in a field where you have had to deal with Epilesy and want to know more... we hope the open format, access to global dat and organisations plus focus on awareness and research promotions can assist you in some way.