Epilepsy Connections Australia is a fully non-profit foundation offering free online support and promotional services to the general public, charities and organisations supporting Epilepsy. We provide Peer Support counselling, links to related support services / groups, details on sources for medical information, Connections to other Epilepsy related Organisations and promotional services for Charities, Support groups and Awareness campaigns. We monitor and review all of our links and Connected services, but do not take liability for incorrect or offensive data posted by individuals on other sites. We do not take any form of donation but can advise of good causes relating to Epilepsy worldwide that people CAN donate to. If people feel either ECA or any of our connections are posting incorrect data or service claims please contact our Admin team immediately.

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ECA  is a non-profit Foundation that offers free services to assist  not only those affected by Epilepsy - but also to Charities, Organisations and other groups who support Epilepsy through services, fundraising or research.

Epilepsy Connections Australia
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The services provided by ECA include 1st party Peer Support counselling, Promotional services for other Epilepsy related organisations & listings / links to other existing support services - all with a large focus on aiding access to information on Epilepsy support, knowledge and awareness to the general community.

We are proud to offer 100% free services with no membership required, and to offer support not just to sufferers of the disease, but to those who support us - such as our loved ones, medical workers, researchers and charities that dedicate their lives to this cause. We hope that we can Connect everyone as one whole community.

There is a whole world of support and information out there at the touch of a button - but finding it can sometimes be difficult. ECA offers a way for all of these great options to be accessed in one place. We also offer support and services to patients, families and organisations.

ECA's primary mandates are:
1) To offer free Peer support counselling services worldwide
2) Give promotional support to existing Epilepsy causes
3) To provide a Connection base to existing Online Support Services & other entities (Medical / Corporate / Government etc.) assisting all aspects of Epilepsy including support & research.
4) Provide Awareness Campaigns & promote other campaigns that highlight the many issues facing the Epilepsy community.


This is a completely free service and open Foundation. We do not take any form of donation (but can provide links & advice on other valuable causes / entities that do - which we promote).


We actively discourage things like "joining" or "membership" - we simply don't require it and believe in many cases it can be a barrier in getting people to engage. We also have strict privacy policies on information given to us by any enquirer, so confidentiality is assured to anyone who engages with our Foundation.

Epilepsy Connections - news and information

A video has emerged online showing a homestead in Tharaka Nithi county where children living with disabilities had been caged and tethered like animals.

A resident speaking to Nation commented that their mothers face lots of difficulties in raising the children and only depend on well-wishers for survival. He also revealed that the children had no access to education. Efforts to seek medical attention had also struck a dead end. 
One of the problems with Epilepsy research (in particular medication and new treatments) has always been that unlike other conditions we don't understand the basics of "normal" neurological processes. With Epilepsy however - we don't understand a great deal about the processes and systems involved in Neurological signal transmissions and interpretation. This means we can't proactively search for treatments - but new research is changing this...
We do get a lot of enquiries here at ECA in relation to Vitamin supplements (specifically Vit D, B12 and Calcium - but also others) and if they assist with Epilepsy.
The reason there seems to be some state of public confusion over the issue is that Epilepsy patients are routinely recommended to take one or multiple Vitamin supplements but it is not often clarified why they are advised to take it.
There is a myth that all or most AED's have severe risks of birth defects - and this is not correct. For many years correlative evidence showed people taking AED's had higher rates of birth complications - but it wasn't until around 20 years ago it was discovered that not ALL medications carried this risk - just one of the most common drugs used as the active ingredient in many common AED's - Sodium Valproate.
It is a very sad day - someone has again died due to a seizure ... not because of injury, suicide, medical complications or SUDEP... but because a lack of understanding led to the firing of a bullet. Our thoughts go out to Vanessa's friends and loved ones during this tragic time...
New research and studies into Epilepsy are finding that the "rhythm" or our Neurons play a vital role in the occurrence of seizures. Doctors are currently finding that breakdowns in the brain's electrical "code" may hold vital information on how seizures occur - and how to stop them.
ECA has taken submissions from the Epilepsy community directly - to write a story about one of the most common struggles people with Epilepsy face every day. No, it's not seizures - it's medication. We have heard from Epileptics worldwide about their experiences with medication to give some real life insight into this common - but not often spoken of - battle that Epileptics face every day.
"Kepprage" - testimonials of the mood changing side effects of Keppra: 
A commonly used and very effective medication currently used in treatment is Levetiracetam - often generically named "Keppra". But side effects vs benefits are often a hot topic relating to a medication where side effects can be so severe and common, they even start getting their own nicknames...
Medical Marijuana - clinical facts and statistics: 
Medical marijuana and how it relates to Epilepsy can be a controversial topic and often open to different contexts and opinions. Looking at the current medical information from both a treatment and ethical perspective is essential.
ECA creates Connections with organisations related to Epilepsy worldwide - including Online support groups, Medical bodies, Pharmaceutical organisations, Epilepsy Charities, Research bodies, Community support groups (worldwide) and other organisations. This means on top of our own services - we can assist people finding OTHER services that may better suit their needs such as face-to-face community support compared to online.
 ECA - Popular posts & Stories
We received a lot of great feedback (thank you all) on a recent story we ran on "Neurological coding errors" but in particular - there where many enquiries on a specific section of that article based on "Inhibitory" vs "Exhibitory" neurons - so would like to post an expansion story on the topic....
The different types of seizures, how they occur, the symptoms experienced AND the medical definitions... well, it can be a maze for people to navigate. ECA is releasing a basic breakdown of current definitions for seizures with both medical definitions and visual guides to help people find out information in real terms they can understand and relate to. We will go through each type of seizure - with medical information specific to the type - and provide an information poster on that exact seizure classification as an easy guide that can be copied / printed for future reference (especially for kids).
I wanted to post an analogy I was told that gave some great insight into why seizures occur and in particular the postictal symptoms like rage, anxiety and over-emotional states - right through to psychosis.
This story is based on (Part 1) - "How Neurological coding errors effect Epilepsy symptoms" We would advise that people read part 1 prior to this article to give some perspective into this story.
As the title suggests, Part 1 was based on how Neurological code (and errors created by Epilepsy) play a role into seizures and other Neurological symptoms and this is an expansion of that story...
ECA 2017 story recap - Appilepsy to assist week: 
We posted an online event / story last year reviewing some of the little known facts about the numerous phone apps to assist those with Epilepsy...
How can I make my home "safer" for myself or a loved one suffering seizures due to Epilepsy? 🤔
This must be one of the most common questions we receive here at ECA so we thought we would post a story on the topic. I want to note firstly - there is no such thing as being able to "seizure proof" a home 100% (unfortunately). But it is a game of statistics - lowering the chances of injury by making small but methodical changes to the home can reduce these risks 100 fold.