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Having Epilepsy doesn't make us all the same. We have different needs and require different information based on our cases. ECA helps provide access to numerous other services to assist the public and organisations in Connecting.

Welcome to ECA!

Thanks for coming to Epilepsy Connections Affiliated - or "ECA" as we are more commonly known. Our foundation is a 100% non-profit charity and support group that links other Epilepsy organisations from all over the world into 1 central location. ECA was founded by our CEO Paul Lang who himself has suffered Epilepsy for 20 years.

We have 3 core mandates that we always uphold and which we base our policies:

- "Worldwide support at the click of a button": to help anyone in the world easily access support.

- "Expansion & Collaboration is vital": our goal is to ensure Epilepsy charities expand & collaborate.

- "Supporting the Supporters": we assist the loved ones of those with Epilepsy to also gain support.

ECA was founded in 2016 originally as a basic online support service after our CEO was placed on disability due to his own Epilepsy destabilising. However... this meant he could work full time on his own charity. One area Paul had worked was online system design, marketing and website management. So he expanded the foundation from an initial "online peer support group" to create an "International Epilepsy database that offers free online services to charity". This served 2 purposes...


1) By creating a database of Epilepsy based organisations (Charity, Support, Medical, Research and otherwise) it gives the public easy access to epilepsy support and information all over the world... something I feel is still lacking. It is still hard to find support and/or information about Epilepsy compared to other conditions. So ECA provides a single location that anyone in the world can come to - and find support or information either online or in their own country - at the click of a button.

*This also benefits the organisations themselves as it means the public can access them far more easily. So it is a win-win - and a free service that costs no money. ECA now runs the largest collaborative database of Epilepsy based organisations in the world with integrated online charity services.


To our knowledge - there are not any other similar foundations that offer free worldwide services both to the public AND to independent charities / organisations... that also operate as an independent charity and global public advocate in their own right.



2) Our CEO's prior experience in online marketing / website systems allowed ECA to set up a commercial website hosting account and related social media systems at almost no cost. This meant we could offer 100% FREE SERVICES to other charities looking to either expand or update their online work. Unlike if a charity wants to expand online itself, we offer to do the work for them including free services that might otherwise cost them funds they could be using for their charity work.

This is especially beneficial for smaller charities with limited funds or those in poorer countries - and also those who may not be confident in the systems / IT aspects of setting up their own "online networks" with integrated websites and social media. In reality, many charities don't have the funds, time or expertise to do this. We will actually set up and run (or assist to) clients websites and social media accounts at no cost. On top of this we also offer services such as campaign promotions, collaboration efforts, and help assist charities in meeting other foundations across the world who might wish to work with together.

*IF you are an Epilepsy charity we do it all for free - we design it for you at no cost - then we link all your other platforms like email / social media into 1 central location... or create new online platforms if that's required - then we assist you in running the the new, streamlined system - while offering constant system support. Regardless of whether you are a Connection using our services - or just an independent organisation - you can access our promotional network to gain you support, awareness and knowledge of your great cause... no matter what the situation. If you support Epilepsy? Then ECA supports you...


On this site you'll find...

ECA's website is our central location of operations and lists all of our services, projects (current, prior and future), campaigns, Connections database, social media links and contact platforms.

We also clearly list or foundation's "Goals and Mandates" plus outline our departmental structures and international operations. ECA operates with full transparency and is open to all public enquiries. (These details - along with our Foundation's history - are outlined on our "About us" page).

But the idea is for this website to be easy for people to navigate... Epilepsy is a broad topic, we are offering a large range of services, and offering them to a wide range of people: those with Epilepsy, their loved ones, organisations that support those people, or research / social entities related to Epilepsy itself. So its a big mix...

For this reason our Foundation is structured into 3 main departments and our website designed around this structure. On top of our "About Us" page which details our goals & mandates, history, international operations and CEO information (plus "Contact us" page which is fairly self explanatory)... we have streamlined all of our services and information into 3 main sections and pages:

- "Epilepsy Information"

- "Public Services"

- "Charity Services".

This way you can navigate and decide if you are just looking for information about Epilepsy... individual support for the condition... or services offered by ECA for your organisation.



This page is operated by ECA's "Awareness Department". As the name suggests, this dept. operates all aspects of ECA's work relating to information and awareness. This may include:

- Individual campaigns being run by ECA relating to Epilepsy

- Joint campaigns ECA's is working on with international entities

- Promotional work on Epilepsy related issues (i.e. medical / social)

- Links to publications by ECA / our CEO at other events

- Links to Awareness campaigns posted on social media

- Any other informational work done by ECA or collaboratively

Effectively - if it is not a direct "service" - but relates to information or awareness work being done by ECA or in collaboration with one of our Connections? Then you will find it via the "Awareness dept." and on the "Epilepsy Information" page.


This page is operated by ECA's "Public Service Department". We offer a very diverse range of services, worldwide, covering many different issues relating to Epilepsy. The way we segment this is to have our services to the "public" separated from the services we offer to "charities and epilepsy support entities". But this makes it simpler as:

- it doesn't matter what your issue is relating to Epilepsy

- it doesn't matter where you are in the world

- it makes no difference if the service is for you or a loved one

- it doesn't have to be about "seizures", ECA helps with all issues

- if ECA can't help specifically, we will find someone who can

So basically the only thing you need to ask yourself is "do I need help and does it somehow relate to my own or a loved ones Epilepsy?" If the answer is yes - then you can access everything you need AT NO COST WITH NO OBLIGATIONS OR MEMBERSHIP REQUIREMENTS via the "Public Service Dept." and page.


This page is operated by ECA's "Charity Service Department".  This is the other sections of ECA's services - those we offer not to the "public" - but to Charities, Medical Bodies and Organisations that are working to support Epilepsy related causes. This includes (but is not limited to):

- Our international "Epilepsy Connections database"

- ECA's free "organisational services" to charities & other groups

- Our free online services such as promotions, websites, social media & online expansion programs

- ECA's "International Corporate Connection" program

Effectively, if you are an organisation that works to support Epilepsy... be it is a charity, support service, medical entity, social service provider, research body or otherwise - then you can access ECA's free services to help promote, expand and progress your valuable work to the global public PLUS gain connections to other entities doing the same thing - via our "Charity Services Dept" and page.

(Quote) "So effectively EVERY aspect of ECA can be found via this website - and it is divided into our departmental structures to make it easy for people to navigate based on the information and services they are seeking to access. It doesn't matter who you are - or where you are in the world. It makes no difference if it is you who has Epilepsy - or if it's a loved one or just someone you know. ECA will support you whether you are an "individual" with direct services - and we will also support you as an "entity" that is helping Epilepsy as a cause with free services.

If you need information on Epilepsy - be it about seizures, medications, social issues, psychological symptoms or more - then ECA is here for you AS AN INDIVIDUAL via our "Awareness Dept.". If you need support - either for yourself or someone you care about - then ECA will provide it to you ANYWHERE IN THE WORLD via our "Public Service Dept.". And if you support the cause of Epilepsy - be it as a Charity, Medical entity, Social support body or otherwise - the ECA will SUPPORT & PROMOTE YOUR WORK via our "Charity Services Dept.".

And absolutely EVERYTHING we note above is provided for 100% no cost, with no obligations and no "membership" or "cross-promotional" requirements. You don't "pay" for ECA's services. You don't have to "become a member".  You don't have to "sign up to our network" as a charity. You don't have to "promote ECA in return for us promoting you"...

That's NOT how things work.


We are EPILEPSY CONNECTIONS AFFILIATED... The largest 100% free online database of Epilepsy related charities and medically based organisations IN THE WORLD, that provides FREE ACCESS AND FREE SERVICES to both the public AND global organisations.  In order to simply promote OTHER GROUPS and assist PUBLIC ACCESS to their work relating to Epilepsy support & Awareness - plus Neurological research - FOR ABSOLUTELY NO PROFIT. As I have stated... we are not a destination, just the largest avenue.

Now I know that may sound like a pretty big claim - but it's something specific. And as soon as another network can come and say the same thing? By all means... call me."

Paul Lang: ECA CEO & Founder


Sometimes Epilepsy feels like a mountain...

but we are not just standing alone.

One of ECA's key mandates is "Supporting the Supporters" - this refers to our policy of providing services to the partners, family and loved ones of those with Epilepsy. Without our support networks those of us with the condition could not get by.

ECA focuses on providing support to the loved ones of those with Epilepsy. It is a battle for you too - and you deserve support.

eca's operations

So if you understand our "basic" structure... and how we are made up to service the public (as outlined above)... the main question is "how we operate". This is better explained if you look at our official "Goals and Mandates" (outlined on the "About us" page) but we would like to provide a brief outline to give people an "overall idea" of how we "operate".

*We believe all areas of Epilepsy need to collaborate in order to have a cohesive impact that will have a major effect.

*In order to achieve this, ECA creates a centralised database of ALL Epilepsy based organisations (Charity, Social, Medical, Support, Government, Media and otherwise) then promotes collaboration.

*ECA provides free services not just to the public: but ALSO to charities, medical bodies, social groups, government entities, research organisations and more...

*ECA actively participates in Awareness and public advocacy for Epilepsy, and our founder is an international speaker for Epilepsy and Neurological issues, seen at many conferences.

*Our goal is to make sure ANYONE IN THE WORLD no matter what their race, financial status, religion, gender or any other matter... can access support for epilepsy.

*Above all else, ECA believes that collaboration among the already existing entities that provide support for Epilepsy related causes is absolutely key. Such a complex topic requires all fields to work together - and we wish to unite all these fields into a central location - to share the same goal.

So to give a more "basic explanation": ECA takes the work of existing organisations from all over the world... Medical, Charity, Research, Government, Social, Support and other ... and puts them into a central location that is accessible via numerous online formats and multiple languages.


Then anyone in the world can contact ECA, and even if they are not sure "what kind of help" they are looking for - we can help them find something that will assist. Something they can EASILY access. Something that suits their EXACT circumstances and requirements. Something they can ACTUALLY access when they need it. Something that actually... HELPS.

And we do it all for 100% no cost. The public does not pay a cent, nor do they have to "sign up" / "become a member" / give us your email" or anything like that... NO COST & NO OBLIGATION WITH FULL PRIVACY.

And the charities / organisations who access our free services and/or join the ECA Connections database do not have pay a cent either. Nor are they obligated to take part in any ECA activities, or "cross promote" our foundation. WE SIMPLY PROVIDE FREE SERVICES AND NOTHING IS REQUIRED IN RETURN.

No matter who you are - be it an individual or an organisation / charity - you can rest assured that accessing an ECA service comes at absolutely NO COST and with NO OBLIGATIONS plus you have FULL PRIVACY.

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