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We all need somewhere to Connect - ECA is dedicated to providing that base for us all to find out what we need to know about our conditions. 

CHARITY service outlines

Thanks for coming to ECA - if you are a Charity / Foundation / Medical body / Organisation / or even just an online forum that "Supports Epilepsy & Awareness on Epilepsy issues" then YOU CAN CONTACT ECA & ACCESS FREE SERVICES TO SUPPORT YOUR CAUSE... with NO cost, NO "sign ups" or details needed, PLUS you keep YOUR OWN Organisations individuality.

ECA does NOT have it's own "franchises" so we NEVER ask organisations to "join" our charity. Being an "Affiliate" network means ALL CHARITIES MAINTAIN THEIR FULL INDIVIDUAL RIGHTS & PATENTS. No one is "a Part of ECA" more than an entity is Connected to Facebook / Twitter / Instagram / PayPal / GFM etc...

ECA is PROUD to be able to offer any Epilepsy Organisation ANYWHERE IN THE WORLD (online / charity / official or otherwise) FREE services ALL YOU NEED TO DO IS CONTACT ECA TO ENQUIRE...

- (direct)

- via this website or our many social media platforms

- OR YOU CAN JUST SEND A REQUEST... "Hi ECA my charity would like your FREE help"


Does your Organisation support Epilepsy?

ECA offers free support & promotional services to help spread awareness for efforts of Organisations and Groups actively supporting the Epilepsy community and causes.


Thanks for coming to ECA - our group was founded by our CEO Paul Lang in 2017 to create a central database of affiliated organisations that support Epilepsy. Our foundation is a 100% non-profit charity and support group that links other Epilepsy organisations into 1 central location.


One of our main focuses is "expanding Epilepsy charities" via our FREE services. We offer 100% free services to charity such as online platform design, websites, fundraising systems, IT design / promotions / imaging and video, International collaboration opportunities plus much more...

AND the reason we offer these services for free to charity is at the heart of our core mandate towards charity: EXPANDING CHARITIES & AWARENESS VIA OUR FREE SERVICES WILL ACCOMPLISH FAR MORE THAN ECA CAN DO ON ITS OWN. So that it how our operations run as a major organisation.

The other core reason we exist is to support work ALREADY being done by organisations that exist all over the world. Charities, Medical entities, Awareness groups - there is already so much amazing work being done to support Epilepsy, create awareness, and research the condition scientifically. So we offer 100% FREE online services to these groups to help promote their work and expand their organisations. ECA has worked with all kinds of groups (Medical, Charity, Corporate, Government etc...) from all over the world on promotional campaigns related to Epilepsy. We have also provided free services to dozens of charities such as free websites, online expansion programs and global public promotions to help them expand their amazing work.

The reason our foundation is named "Epilepsy Connections" is due to our belief that creating connections to other organisations and promoting the amazing work already being done is the key to progressing Epilepsy as a cause. By promoting their work, offering them free services, and giving the public easier access to their work - we believe we can increase awareness of the amazing things already being done across all fields of Epilepsy: Charity, Medical, Social and otherwise. ECA itself is not designed to be the "destination"... we are just the "avenue" for others to get there.

Anyone in the world who is/has an Epilepsy Foundations / Charity / Support group can contact as & enquire about 100% free support & free services for YOUR group. As you can see from ECA's current connections we assist global charities from every region of the world FOR FREE every day. So if you or your "Foundation" could benefit from free ECA services OR being part of a network where you maintain FULL individuality PLUS media control overall your expansions?

Then "CONTACT US VIA CHARITY ENQUIRY" to see if ECA free services OR being listed as a FULLY INDEPENDENT organisations via the ECA Network could help YOUR foundation. We are also open to collaboration enquiries worldwide SO IF YOU have Epilepsy related "event or campaign" ECA can support YOUR work with NO COST and NO OBLIGATIONS.

- Contact us via the linked contact page OR send email to ""

- Mark any emails as "ECA Charity enquiry from (add your foundation name) plus details"

- Emails from CHARITIES will be responded to IMMEDIATELY & noted as "ECA Connection Enquiry"

- Applications / enquiries from charities seeking ECA services are given TOP PRIORITY & our CEO / Founder deals with (and reviews) ALL new applications personally.

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