Epilepsy Connections Australia is a fully non-profit foundation offering free online support and promotional services to the general public, charities and organisations supporting Epilepsy. We provide Peer Support counselling, links to related support services / groups, details on sources for medical information, Connections to other Epilepsy related Organisations and promotional services for Charities, Support groups and Awareness campaigns. We monitor and review all of our links and Connected services, but do not take liability for incorrect or offensive data posted by individuals on other sites. We do not take any form of donation but can advise of good causes relating to Epilepsy worldwide that people CAN donate to. If people feel either ECA or any of our connections are posting incorrect data or service claims please contact our Admin team immediately.

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Speak to someone who has lived with Epilepsy - someone who can relate to your struggles and empathise with your journey through ECA Peer Support counselling.

Epilepsy Connections Services

ECA Client Services: We offer direct online services worldwide to the public at no cost including:

- Peer Support Counselling:


Sometimes we don't want to speak to a doctor or medical outlet, we have to do that lot but what we don't often get, is a chance to speak to others who have had similar experiences and lived through Epilepsy themselves. This service is designed not just for those with Epilepsy themselves, but also with a large focus on offering support to the Partners, Parents, Families, Friends and others who are affected by someone else in their life who has Epilepsy. So whether it's yourself or a loved one who is dealing with Epilepsy - we can offer support from those who can understand and empathise. This is a free service available worldwide - you can contact us via the site and provide your preferred contact details for ECA to contact you back or connect with us automatically via Facebook - we also offer both Messenger and Skype contact services for more one-on-one personalised service.

- Service and support research:


People are often looking for specific information and support based on their individual circumstances. Epilepsy can vary greatly both in symptoms and in life effects for each person - but sometimes it's hard to find the right fit for your needs. Maybe you need to find something in your area specifically? Perhaps you'd like to join a support group specific to your medication? Or you might have heard something about a new medication or treatment - but you can't find any links to detailed information or people who have tried it? Over and above the regular links and Connections we offer relating to information and services, we also offer assistance to help people research any topic relating to Epilepsy - be it services or information - and help shed some light on what people are looking for specific to their case and needs.

- Support for the Supporters: 


One of ECA's key madates is not just to provide services and assistance to people with Epilepsy - but the people around them like their partners, family and friends who often endure a lot of the follow on effects from a life with Epilepsy - on top of the fact they save many of us on a regular basis! We actively promote that we also offer Peer Support services (again - 100% free) if you have a loved one with Epilepsy and would like some help. The people around us are such a great example for how much the Epilepsy community survives on it supporters and loved ones - who do so much for us. So if you have a loved one with Epilepsy - and you have questions about Epilepsy or would like support - do not hesitate to contact us via our Peer Support channels as we are proud to support the supporters.

Does your Organisation support Epilepsy?

ECA offers free support & promotional services to help spread awareness for efforts of Organisations and Groups actively supporting the Epilepsy community and causes.

ECA Organisational Services: We offer free services worldwide to Organisations supporting Epilepsy including:

- ECA Connections: One of Epilepsy Connections Australia's main purposes is to provide a "Connection base" for numerous services, awareness / fundraising campaigns and support groups so people can find these Organisations without a lot of the issues caused by searching on their own. Our "ECA Connections" are listed on our site and our various social media pages, then related clients are referred to these Connections and relevant traffic also linked. Perhaps you represent an Organisation related to Epilepsy? Maybe you run a support service yourself on Facebook? Or you could be running an Awareness / Fundraising campaign for a cause relating to Epilepsy? If that's the case - we offer 100% free services that could assist your efforts and bring greater awareness for your group.

- ECA Promotions: Epilepsy Connections Australia also offers free services to support and spread active Awareness Campaigns and Fundraising efforts - plus runs regular stories to a worldwide audience with numerous other Connections. So if you have an actively running promotion that supports Epilepsy or related causes we'd like to help out! Although ECA runs its own services, Awareness campaigns and stories we also get a large amount of our traffic from OTHER organisations running efforts that assist the Epilepsy community. On top of page spread and traffic increase services we offer automatically - we can also assist organisations with web design, promotional emails, related online services (like free website providers or petition sites for example) and more to help you engage a wider audience. All 100% free.

- ECA Awareness: In many cases people just want to find information. We want to know about medications, treatments and new research related to our specific needs. But its hard to find very specific medical information via just a search engine. Likewise with worthy causes - many people want to find ways to help out, sometimes on big issues like worldwide research or charities - other times they want to help in their own communities. On top of this there is also the issue of public awareness... Epilepsy is still a very misunderstood disability, and often the "white elephant" in the public's eye. This leads to issues like prejudice, inequality and lack of proper funding for various related support and research. Our Awareness service is designed to tackle these issues - by combining easy access to medical information, public experience and other Organisations / Campaigns we provide a baseline for people to find more specific information. We also focus on public input to make sure there is a "finger on the pulse" of what's happening within the Epilepsy community worldwide.