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New ECA media services... just 1 of many!

NEW ECA "GIF systems" available to all ECA Connections... very simple for all Connections to access - You simply send YOUR OWN VIDEO & say "Please create a GIF from this video - I would like text to say XYZ"... OR you can send a link to an EXISTING GIF already in circulation and say "Please alter this GIF for our charity - I would like text to be changed to XYZ"... and ECA will create / upload the GIF for and send you back the links... Easy peasy.

This is a VERY SIMPLE system for ALL ECA Connections to access using either their OWN video footage (you just send your video's to ECA with a "request to access "GIF creation systems")... OR by using existing market footage they wish to alter somehow. Below we have have some examples examples of how Epilepsy Connections has used these new features to help charities, organisations and spread awareness. ALL MEDIA IS FREE FOR PUBLIC USE so you can save / link / share etc. as much as you like... we encourage such actions regarding ECA media lol.

All we have done as ECA is add a large range of target audiences / demographics PLUS make it possible for our CONNECTIONS to target larger demographics online via ECA services (very easily). And this is just ONE of the new, simple, FREE services the Epilepsy Connections Affiliated charity (ECA - offers all Epilepsy related groups all over the world via our expanded network.

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