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What's the difference between this part & that part of Epilepsy?

"What is the difference between a shovel & a spade? Time... and the ability to over-analyse while asking fruitless questions." #ShovelandaSpade

"What's the difference between learning the Jeff Buckley version of Hallelujah because its the best... and getting up on stage then having 2 idiots yell at you to play the KD Lang or Leonard Cohen versions?

Irony - and the fact you're gonna have to learn all people are different but they have bad AND good sides to them - this is just one side..." #DifferentVersionSameSong

"What's the difference between a Guitar, a PC, and your loved one?

Surprisingly not much... you spend most of your time with them, you work on them all diligently, and they are the things you couldn't live without as they make up the key parts of who you are day-to-day. But there's only one that YOU try to make happy that Chris Cornell sang a cover about." #NothingComparesToADiffrence

I also wanted to document this week so that people could see even as the CEO of a charity (especially to my many Connections who send me such touching & inspirational messages) ANYONE with Epilepsy suffers challenges based on their condition - and it is ALWAYS complex lol...

I started out with amazing news this week about new surgical AND medication options after months having to wait through seizures with NO options (#ShovelandaSpade) BUT the good news gave me "positive stress" so I ended up suffering a seizure over it (#DifferentVersionSameSong) but ended up making great improvements to ECA and my life...

The stories I posted as "Paul Lang EcaCeo" on social media simply documenting a weeks of seizures - and peoples responses of hope - was something ECA posted as as event and I was thrilled that maybe my experiences & insights with Epilepsy one week may have helped some people... (#NothingComparesToADiffrence).

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