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ECA has monthly conferences... LIVE to our connections and the general public via Zoom.

The idea behind ECA's monthly conferences is based on the success of our "ECA 2020 Annual Conference" (in December 2020) and a huge request from the public / our connections to "keep doing this more regularly". ECA now has a new program of "Monthly online conferences" that any person in the world can take part in. You might be an ECA Connection, a foundation seeking info from ECA - or just a person from public wanting to ask a question? In any situation you can attend the ECA MONTHLY CONEFRENCES for free with no obligation.

We will obviously have a "focus" each month - for example we will we talking about the new ECA regional programs with "ECA Africa Dept." launch (with Fred Kiserem and Chifundo Petro) plus the upcoming "ECA USA Dept." involving Stacii Floyd in the "ECA February Conference".... Plus on an ongoing basis we will want to speak about current ECA projects AND the projects of our global connections. BUT we are making this a 2 HOUR OPEN LIVE CONFERENCE every time so there will be a lot of "flexibility" as to what we discuss in each conference.

I invite not only our valued ECA Connections to attend - but also anyone who wishes to chat about Epilepsy or issues relating. This is meant to be an open format where anyone can discuss Epilepsy issues (OR their work in the field) and it will occur every month.

Paul Lang: ECA CEO & Founder

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