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ECA - we are now a global affiliate for Epilepsy Charities & Foundations.

Updated: Dec 7, 2018

Epilepsy Connections Affiliated (formerly Epilepsy Connection Australia) is an international orgaisation that creates a central online location that people can go to access numerous Epilepsy related organisations.

Be it for Support, Information, Awareness, Seeking assistance, Community information from where you live... ECA lists all these services or will help you find one that suits your needs - either online or in your local community.

What we now do as an International organisation:

We create Connections with organisations related to Epilepsy worldwide - including Online support groups, Medical bodies, Pharmaceutical organisations, Epilepsy Charities, Research bodies, Community support groups (worldwide) and other organisations. This means on top of our own services - we can assist people finding OTHER services that may better suit their needs such as face-to-face community support compared to online.

On top of services just for those with Epilepsy themselves - we also offer services to friends, family and loved ones who are supporting someone living with Epilepsy under our "Supporting the Supporters" mandate.

We also offer 100% FREE online technical services to charities and organisations to help them expand their online profiles. ECA has designed free websites and online social media pages / accounts for over a dozen worldwide charities at present - helping them expand their charities and reach a larger audience.

To check out some of the free website design services ECA has already performed follow any of the below links: each website was created, designed and published 100% for free by our Service dept.




So in summary...

- ECA is a 100% non-profit charity that offers support, information and linkage services worldwide... plus does not accept any donations (but can help you find worthy causes to donate to). - ECA operates worldwide with Connections on every continent across all field of Epilepsy: including support, research, medical, charity & government organisations. - ECA offers 3 specific services: for Epilepsy Patients, for those living with a loved one with Epilepsy, and for organisations that support Epilepsy - ALL 100% FREE - ECA creates a centralised database of Epilepsy support and information groups so that a person (patient, loved one of, or Organisation that supports...) can come to ECA and find the help they need in one place. - ECA assists in international collaborations between organisations and to date has linked groups from every continent to create international partnerships.

Paul Lang: ECA CEO & Founder

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