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Epilepsy & Brain Disorders Conference 2019... 2nd world congress: Helsinki June 13-14

ECA is proud to announce that our CEO & Founder Paul Lang will be making a presentation at the "Epilepsy & Brain Disorders Conference 2019" to be held in Helsinki, June 13-14, 2019. This has been due to a generous invitation from group Directors / Management from the "Epilepsy Congress" organisation.

We expect this to be an amazing conference - especially since there is so much focus on Epilepsy (hence the title lol) and other / related brain disorders. ECA will be posting updates leading up to the event so our followers and Connections can be sure to find out when certain presentations (including our CEO's ) will be made and when certain topics will be being covered. A lot of events are live, but we will make sure to provide access to as many (if not all) presentations so people can access the wide array of information being presented.

ECA does a huge amount of work with global Charities, Support groups and Foundations to help them expand and reach new levels in terms of audience and online capacity - which we report often and (thank to our Connections!) we get many praises for. But one of our core mandates is also AWARENESS...

... that means being able to promote the work at a medical research end of town is a great privilege. It has really only been in the past 6 months that ECA's international reputation has grown that we (in particular our CEO & Founder Paul Lang) are getting invited to participate in global medical presentations and awareness campaigns of this scale. And we are both grateful for, and humbled by, the opportunities being presented.

This conference will present great things to the public - far outside of any ECA presentation - and we think it is important to highlight the work being done by the best researchers in the world. It's not actually enought to ust say "I support Epilepsy (or other) research"... You need to get involved, show your support, read some articles and share them with others, let entities like governments & corporations know (via simple online stats) that "people are actually interested in these causes... they are reading the publications... sharing them with others... communicating with doctors & researchers - this might actually be important looking at the stats..."

On that note: we will eave with a quote from our Connection "Epilepsy Congress" and link to the event. As we noted - updates will be forthcoming as schedules are confirmed for the event closer to the date... We thank Epilepsy Congress for the invitation extended to our CEO & Founder plus we welcome the opportunity to work to raise awareness for such a great cause on a medical research level.... THE ECA TEAM


"Epilepsy Congress 2019 will set a stage for educators, Epileptologist, Brain Surgeons, Neuro specialists and researchers to give an inclusive talk about approach towards Epilepsy and Treatment explore with the help of Organizing Committee Members. Along these lines, Epilepsy Congress 2019 respects the Psychiatrist, Medical Professionals, Neurologist, doctors, and understudy delegates from Epilepsy and Brain areas to be a piece of this occasion. We sincerely welcome prominent Professors, Lecturers, Educators, Researchers, Therapeutic understudies and Business experts to talk about Epilepsy, Chronic Diseases, Brain Surgery, Anti-Epileptic Medicine, Neurological Disorder, under a sequestered stage for an extraordinary time frame for sharing their insight among this social occasion."



ECA CEO & Founder Paul Lang quote:

"It is not only fantastic to be invited to events that are happening on global platforms and on a medical research level - but myself & ECA are proud to be able to take part in such amazing events that provide such valuable information the public, media, charities and government entities. Awareness, free services to charities & public support are one thing... but providing links to the public and support on corporate levels in terms of Epilepsy research? That is where we feel we can make the next jump..."

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