Epilepsy Connections Australia is a fully non-profit foundation offering free online support and promotional services to the general public, charities and organisations supporting Epilepsy. We provide Peer Support counselling, links to related support services / groups, details on sources for medical information, Connections to other Epilepsy related Organisations and promotional services for Charities, Support groups and Awareness campaigns. We monitor and review all of our links and Connected services, but do not take liability for incorrect or offensive data posted by individuals on other sites. We do not take any form of donation but can advise of good causes relating to Epilepsy worldwide that people CAN donate to. If people feel either ECA or any of our connections are posting incorrect data or service claims please contact our Admin team immediately.

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ECA promotional service

Does your Organisation support Epilepsy? We offer free promotional services to support groups assisting the Epilepsy community

ECA's promotional service is 100% free and open to submissions from ANY person or Organisation that supports Epilepsy. This may be through services, fundraising, research or awareness - but our mandate to is to offer free assistance to any group supporting Epilepsy and related causes. Our Organisational support application is listed below and if you or your group wish to enquire how ECA can support your cause - either as an ECA Connection or for an individual campaign - simply fill out the enquiry form and one of our freindly team will contact you within 24 hours.